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Rubber Products We are the Manufacture of rubber products.
Dowels for boomer,
Bushes for boomer,
Packers for grouting needs
Top bottom plats for shotcrete machines.

Precast Molding Machine

Precast Molding Machine is used for production of Precast of RCC roofing planks, bricks, pillars and tiles of different sizes. Our Precast Molding Machine is designed for producing different types of Precast Products with less maintenance cost. It is widely used because there is no construction waste and no read more...

Brick Crushing Machine

Brickbat Crushing Machine is used for crushing the brickbat for flooring and roofing purposes. This machine can be made in different sizes depending on customer requirement.

Our Brickbat Crushing Machine is designed for producing different types of Brickbats In less maintenance cost and time.


Shotcrete Machine

Shotcrete Machine is used for spraying concrete and mortar to do the sustaining works in Tunnels, Foundations, and Soil-Rock lope. It has the advantages of low dust constancy, high-strength of concrete layer and wide applicability. It is often used for concrete repair or placement on bridges, dams & read more...

Concrete Placer Pump

Concrete Placer Pumps are to be used for placement of concrete. Placer Pump can convey small extent of concrete large number of individual working points, distant sites with nominal workshop facilities. A Placer Pump can do the job of a Piston Pump at a fraction of its cost.


concrete delivery pipeline

Concrete Delivery Pipeline can be used to convey the concrete from one point to another point with the help of Boom Placer, Concrete Pumps and Placer Pumps .

Our pipe is suitable for all the Concrete Pumps and Placers for high efficiency working .


Grout Pump

Grout Pump is used for spraying grout mix with high pressure to the supporting works in tunnel, foundation, and Soil-Rock lope, embed Rebars in masonry walls, connect sections of Pre-cast concrete and seal joints.

Grout is generally composed of a mixture of water cement, sand & read more...